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Frequently Asked Questions


How comfortable are your treestands to sit in all day?


Whether you choose to face toward or away from the tree the EasyGlide™ adjustable seat with our oversize frame combine to give an exceptionally comfortable all day sit. If you choose to face away from the tree you have the added advantage of reclining using the built-in footrest, standard on all our ProMag platforms.



How can your treestands be so large and only weigh 18 lbs?


The ProMag series treestands have been design engineered using superior aluminum extrusions with special formulated alloys that optimize the tensile strength of the material without adding unnecessary weight.

Treewalker stands are the largest climbers available weighing less than 18 lbs!

What is the difference between the ProMag and the ProMag XL treestands?


The front bar on the ProMag XL seat frame can be removed for an open front stand. This option gives the bow hunter an extra feature not on the ProMag.

Benefit: Sitting bow shot, long bow hunter

However the ProMag treestand is still an excellent bow hunting stand because the EasyGlide™ seat is level with the seat frame allowing the bow hunter to shoot inside the seat.



How easy do your treestands attach to a tree?


Using our unique Bright loop lineup indicator with the Easy in the Dark memory cable system you can attach our treestand to a tree in seconds, absolutely noise free.



How do your treestands climb?


Effortlessly! Treewalker Treestands are so well balanced they do not need awkward straps or stirrups on the platform.


How can I purchase a Treewalker Treestand?


∙ Treewalker Treestands are available in archery pro-shops.
Call and place an order.



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